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Hello, my name is Myriam Fenzl.
Describing the life of an outdoor educator is sometimes not that easy. On these pages I would like to give you an overview of my field of work, experience, qualifications and my professional development.   Yes, the combination of a mathematician and certified outdoor educator is not that common. Geographically, Berlin has been my base for many years. I have been working in the outdoors, in some of the most beautiful nature and wilderness regions of Europe, North America, and Australia since 2002.
Whether boreal shield and lake regions in Canada, Sweden, Poland or Germany, the Australian bush, Germany’s Uckermark, coast or mid-range mountains, Brandenburg’s forests, or the alps – every region is uniquely beautiful to me. And that’s why it’s fun to run courses in all those areas.
My focus is on expedition-based courses or mobile courses in nature and wilderness. My favourite expeditions are canoe trips and hikes where you have all you need with you. Due to the time I have spent in and courses I have run in different (English speaking) countries I’m just as comfortable offering courses in English as I am in offering them in German.


my field of expertise and experience

  • freelancing as an outdoor educator since 2003
  • lecturer at private universities since 2009
  • experience as a canoe guide and outdoor educator in Europe, North America and Australia since 2002
  • educational experience in different fields in working with children, youth and adults since 1995


my qualifications

  • Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation (Outward Bound Australia)
  • Diplom in Mathematics (equivalent to a Master’s degree)
  • High Ropes Course Trainer for mobile ropes (ERCA)
  • Canoe Guide
  • Lifeguard
  • Sailing License for inland waters
  • License for Motorized Pleasure Craft on inland waters
  • Urban First Aid and CPR Certification
  • Wilderness First Responder (WFR 80h)
  • ongoing qualifications in outdoor and survival training, youth work, courses for specialists and executive staff, pedagogy, facilitation, communication, rhetoric, legal aspects, conflict resolution, project management and team building as well as in all the hard skills
  • JuleiCa / diverse trainings for youth leaders
  • regular refreshers in canoeing, white water kayaking, climbing,  hiking, winter camping and more


my roots in outdoor education

  • 1995-1998 youth work at a local church
  • starting 1999 teacher education
  • since 2000 discovered and fell in love with "the outdoors" in Canada
  • 2002-2004 youth leader in Sweden, Germany and the Czech Republic
  • since 2003 Canoe Guide
  • since 2004 Canoe and Outdoor Tourism in Canada, Sweden, Poland and Germany
  • since 2006 discovered outdoor education and with that my passion
  • 2008-2009 Outward Bound Australia
  • since 2009 freelancing as an outdoor educator


born in 1979