My highest priority is the focus on personal development of the individual as well as that of the group. My goal is to activate, facilitate and accompany the process of development. And all that with the motive and wish that something will happen within the participants and that they will be more capable of organizing their life responsibly. Being proactive plays a major role. During the courses awareness for one’s own capability is supposed to be developed. When you discover once that you are capable of a lot more than you could possibly imagine, you will never again settle for anything less and show a bigger willingness to perform.
The aims of the course should be decided on in preparation of the course. It is possible to foster diverse social competencies and key skills.
In order to make it easier to achieve the set goals I put my emphasis on professionalism, organization and safety. Meeting these values gets my full attention at any time before, after and especially during a course.
Target-oriented work is much easier when you are having fun, so there certainly is room for that in all of my courses.
Activity, reflection and transfer gear into each other during the courses.


So what is my job as an outdoor educator?
I provide the framework, meaning the program and the tasks, I challenge the participants and create a positive learning environment. I moderate and facilitate the learning and the group processes. I ask questions and look after everyone’s physical and emotional safety.


My main focus is on expedition-based programs.
The unfamiliar environment during the course and the activities, the variety in the program and the different challenges give the participants the chance to experience the course and its content intensively and to transfer the experience and what has been learned into everyday life.


I love my job. Time and again, I get to witness the personal development of the participants throughout the course:

  • the improved teamwork
  • the trust gained in others
  • the progress in solving problems
  • the increased support and solidarity
  • the taking on of responsibility
  • the gained self-confidence
  • and the awareness that you are capable of much more than you thought